to collapse in general, even the practice of high Ling Luo and Zhu empty all a strong lean on the side of the seat. However, this SMB wizard is standing on the other side of Liu Zhengyu, like an instant transfer in general, even Liu Zhengyu did not see out, how he escaped. Liu Zhengyu took a deep breath, no matter how strong the other side, he must be out of the array, over.throw Ling Luo rule, and this time the son of the wizard, but slowly raised the hands of the halberd. Liu Zhengyu torn out, playing a set of magic sword, lightning attack side of the wizard. Chapter 376 luck to destroy the singers empty city White fog deep, golden flashing Cisco Certification in the elves around, magic sword and halberd collided nonunion, but the battle for dozens of rounds, even if Liu Zhengyu Jin Luo Daisheng already the highest state, since his speed and strength almost in the three circles To reach the limit, but the side of the watch Bai Yingjie see clearly, Liu Zhengyu has been downwind. Wizard is not thinking, but the face of Liu Zhengyu strong attack, halberd stretch freely, to avoid the right, when the halberd pick Liu Zhengyu cloak, Liu Zhengyu quickly backwards fly. However, the wizard began to fight back, jumped into the sky, each attack, such as.Changhong, master of the move, step back step back. Face the wizard fast flash, Liu Zhengyu had waved the magic sword, again and again back, and the wizard step by step SMB it exam pressing,

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-179 SMB Solutions for Account Managers Cisco SMB
650-196 SMB Specialization for Engineers Cisco SMB
650-256 SBF for Account Managers Cisco SMB
650-395 Small Business for Engineers Cisco SMB