s camera aimed Is still the Magento Certified Developer it exam top five people A trace of breeze blowing, all clothes flipping, it is really a bit of a grand power and prestige Zhang Mou points fragrant. Thin smoke curl up, toward the middle of the worship of the pig worship three times, and then handed the hands of the incense column to.the back of Magento Certification the Jinxiu, Jinxiu is also kind of respectfully respectful three bow, and pass to Dai Chunrong Magento Certified Developer The whole scene is very serious, no one to speak, only the camera to take pictures of the sound, and flash flashing. When the director with the star after the worship, Zhang Mou turned around. The face of the expression becomes very serious, loud voice Our family from all corners of the globe, but together is fate, the next three months, I hope you go all out, play is not to use the mouth blowing. I do my best to provide.you with a good scene, but also hope that you respond to me, bring a visual feast, thank you Zhang Mou s words are very short, but said Qiang Qiang strong, the phrase play is the show, not blowing out more people feel the same body, can not help but began to applaud the palm, the moment, applause came like a tide. The boot ceremony is simple. In addition to this festival, there is a cut Director in the middle, starring J

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