rd the sound and rushed into the rain. Xu Sheng heard the sound of the sword outside, walked quickly to the door, looked out, they saw the number of shadows in the rain trembling, her brow wrinkled, taking advantage of the people did not notice, walked into the room, ready to enter Prepare the tunnel in advance. Stop. A cool breeze blowing in, her neck on the shelves of a sword, coldness flashed, Xu Sheng carrying the skirt hand slowly let go, body stiff in place. The men are low and cold, with a chill. Who is you She let the sword rest IronPort on his neck, looking calmly. In fact, her hands have been full of perspiration, the heart is abo.ut to jump out from the chest. The man did not answer her question, but let her go out. Xu Sheng did not resist, the body stiff walked out, every walk, IronPort it exam I light all attention to the shoulder of the sword. Went to the gallery, the rain was blown in, hit Xu Sheng s face, let her some eyes open. Dark Wei and Yu Shun when she came out, they found her figure. Behind the men chuckle, only Xu Sheng can hear. Yu Zhen really care about you, even the dark Wei gave you stay, but unfortunately you still want to go with me today. Hugh off my wife Yu Shun shouted in the rain. Men did not answer, just let Xu Sheng walked Cisco Certification out, heavy rain poured into the body, she was soaked in the whole body. Are scattered. The man sai.d. Yushun

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-148 ISSE Cisco IronPort Sales Specialist - Email Cisco IronPort
650-153 ESFE Cisco Email Security Field Engineer Specialist Cisco IronPort
650-154 ISPWS Cisco IronPort Security Professional - Web Security Cisco IronPort
650-155 ISIWS Cisco IronPort Security Instructor - Web Security Cisco IronPort
650-156 ISPES Cisco IronPort Security Professional - Email Security Cisco IronPort
650-157 ISIES Cisco IronPort Security Instructor - Security Cisco IronPort
650-159 ICA Cisco IronPort Cloud Associate Cisco IronPort
CICSP Cisco IronPort Certified Security Professional (CICSP) Web Security 7.0 Cisco IronPort