s not good to say ah Yang Fan look tangled seems very embarrassed, tweaking the way. He opened the black ah At that time, Li He laughed, he saw Li Jie was Yang Fan coax all surprised a moment, opened the door to expose the purpose of Yang Fan. Li Jie looked at the sky, it is still early, just finished the month test did not have any important things. Good Cisco Certification A rare week did not play, hands also itch. Today to live to accompany a gentleman Li Jie nodded and agreed to study for a week, now can also go out to open the black to relax. Three people made up attent.ion to go directly to the school near an Internet cafes, together with the black. Li Jie In the three people to go when, Li Jie came a voice behind him. Li Jie heard this voice, you know is Muqingqing. Mu Qingqing gave him a week, he has been familiar with the voice of Muqingqing. Although it has been with Mu Qingqing at the same table for six months, but before the two rarely speak. This is just a week, the two together to say more than before the words to add up. Bancun Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist it exam adults You are so early out Li Jie turned a look, it really is Muqingqing. The Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist title is too simple Directly on the forward

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
500-171 Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) Cisco Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist