turally know what happened in it, but also understand what Li Kuo made, and this Jiangnan TV version of the speed travel is completely different. Clip power, can be seen. But we are not too concerned about the magic of editing, everyone is concerned Cisco Network Programmability Design Specialist it exam about Li Kuo and that Ning Xuan between the identity and role of the flip. Li Ku is now finally a heavy angel For a time, whether it is after the gun, or. really looking forward to the prediction of Emperor, or a lot of analysis of the emperor, the moral emperor ran out. On the network, everywhere is a compliment Cisco Network Programmability Design Specialist Li Kuang and for his vindicated voice. For this period, Cisco Certification different people have different views. However, the current public opinion, but has been overwhelmingly behind Li Kuang. Coupled with a lot of people before talking about Li Kuo everyone has a problem and so on, now Li Kuo was ordinary, there are many people s guilt thoughts also appeared, could not help but want to let Li in the public opinion environment Bette. r. Not to mention Li Kuang s public opinion combustion agent as a push, let public opinion this matter more fiery. These things a combination, and now the network is really a monstrous wave. I would like to say a sorry, I am sorry Li Kuang, once because the video that some of Li Ku unfavorable words In fact, I have doubts, but now good Li Kuo s actions, for all to see him Th

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600-511 Designing with Cisco Network Programmability for ACI (NPDESACI) Cisco Cisco Network Programmability Design Specialist