eyes staring Cisco Certification at the front of the room closed, a long while, only smiled and said Little monk, so you can not wait to take me to see elders, really Let me be flattered. The air sagging looked at the hand on his arm, and then walked forward Go in. The front of the wooden doors do not push open, empty Shen look strange with the warmth into the house. Squeak bang The door was closed behind. This scene, there is always a sense of horror fi. lm ah, warm and looked back from the door from the open, the body like a bad shaking. You have come. White to the old man sitting on the legs of the stables, his eyes slightly closed, his hands naturally ride on the knee, a quiet Zhiyuan, people peace of mind around him, behind the wall on the yellow The end of the black capital of the Zen words written in the rules of the beautiful, this Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist simple room lining Zen full flavor. Master. Empty Shen lift a monk robe, respectfully kneeling in front of the old man. This is the teach. ings of the teachings of the empty enlightenment enlightenment master ah, Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist it exam

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200-401 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies Cisco Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist