he seven sister, Yu Zhen.is not happy tight. At first he was Jiang Yun s identity and then Xu House, Xu Sheng from the monitoring of the dark guard there, Xu Jing has repeatedly looked down on the language Xu Cisco Certification it exam Sheng, jokes she will marry a useless scholar. But also because of this, Yu Zhen secretly insisted on to marry their own Xu Sheng more bit a good impression. Speaking, you should thank her is, if not she gave assists, so that your brain to make up a lot of things, maybe you have not thought of marry me Xu Sheng ridicule him, but she knew Yu Yu Zhen original plan is not ready to marry their own, and later suddenly changed his mind. You said, how can you be so firm and change your mind to marry Cisco Certification me You should stick to yours.elf and try to stir up the Cisco Certification marriage between us. She said. Yu Zhen frowned You are very busy today, free to help me to grinding ink. Xu Sheng eat a cherry, red Yan Yan her white skin, fingers slender. I just think of it, the ceremony has changed the robe has been, and now waiting for me to try, now afraid to have gone to my bedroom in order not to let them wait, I still go first. Yu Zhen helpless shook his head and said You will be lazy, so you grinding you are too hands acid, really take you no way. Xu Sheng walked out, thin veil skirt was the wind of the ski

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500-170 FlexPod Design Cisco Cisco Certification