ame out of the beast, rushed to the crowd rushed to the door, the door has been shut, Li iron is a throttle, off road vehicles directly hit the door , The door was knocked off, off road vehicles.roared out. I looked back, a few off road vehicles also chased out. Zhang Fan, to an hour yet Li asked I picked up the Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam phone to see. Soon. Li Tie nodded, speed up the speed, behind the off road vehicles hot pursuit, just on the dirt road, in front of a slip car lights over. I can not see who is the other side, my heart was surprised, finished, in front of an ambush, before the pursuit of follow up, today we are out of the. I am busy to see Li Tie, Li iron press the three speakers, and immediately respond to the other three, then the front of the off road vehicles opened over, more than we catch up to catch up with the SUV, f.rom the car hula down a bunch of People, I see, all right, is two ugly them. I am nervous heart, instantly downstart. Zhang Fan, Cisco Certification get off. I shook my head, valiantly followed Li Tie Cisco Business Value Specialist to the crowd in front, and then look at each other also stood a person, Zhang Wu standing in the front. It seems only hard to the. ouoou Chapter 140 You can be careful Push the door into the billiard hall, Tan Lingling wearing a jeans, long blonde with a han

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