ustified. So Chan. gle Hou do not speak, and look to the eyes of the master of Huiyuan did not say Huiyuan master is a liar. Rong Mo Huiyuan master just smiled, nothing to say. The female donor is too deep for his prejudice, and it is impossible for her to change. It s not early, said the monk. Finished, Huiyuan master line of a single hand ceremony, floating away. Rong Mo suddenly attracted the housekeeper, took out a hundred and two silver tickets, said to the Huiyuan master of the margin of silver. The housekeeper quickly chased out. Cousin, why do you send money to the monk that big liar Cheng Ruyi wrinkled his little nose. Rong Mo smiled, he always felt that the master is a special loo. k to see him. This feeling is particularly mysterious. Cousin, Huiyuan master is not a liar, he is a monk, even if it seems abjection, is still a monk, but six are not net, and sometimes confused guilty of the precepts. Cheng Ruyi angrily looked Rong Rong but CCNA Cloud he and the pride of the princess is a CCNA Cloud it exam gang. Pleasant girl s Changle Hou immediately echoed Yes ah, Rong Mo, you can not be his kind of foolishly fake. My uncle, now different from the past, and now the master of the Hui Yuan and the princess princess did not matter, the cousin you remember before the master of Huiyuan said and the prince Cisco Certification of the prince concluding the cause of the words Cheng Ruyi one, immediately thou. ght of the day of things, nodded In other words, this monk and princess princess really does not matter, is not

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210-451 Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals Cisco CCNA Cloud
210-455 Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration Cisco CCNA Cloud