ling on the ground Ye Ye, she gently frowned, then smiled and gave the Queen Mother salute minister to the mother after the security. Chen concubine to the Queen s please. Followed by kneeling. The Queen Mother slowly drank a hot tea, until the tea all swallowed into the stomach before o. pening Well, all up. She put the cup on the wooden board held in the palace the emperor, come to sit. Warm Obediently sat on the left side of the Queen Mother how suddenly after the mother from the thousands of Buddhist temple out General Queen Mother read prayer, at least have a week will be off If we do not come out CCIE Service Provider Ai Jia, stir together the Temple about to be turned CCIE Service Provider it exam upside Cisco Certification down, the Queen Mother looked pale leaves this one The Emperor, Ai Jia heard you punished Xianfei, flexible benefits and Bin Bin Yes. Warm nod. to admit. Cause Asked the Queen Mother. They forced to ignore the warm explanation, by the name of the mother, the line of bad things, deliberately throw the ornaments into the water to let the warmth pick up, seeing her face more pale still laughing funny Then, warm turned and stared Xian Fei three one. Since the afternoon you have ordered the punishment, then why do you have to toss them at night The Queen Mother frowned, his face turned black, the tone has been involuntary improvement the emperor, you for a slavery one a. fter another punishment concubines, which makes them face Save the door of the masters are not comparable to a low slave it Yes ah yes ah, the palac

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