ch below, but also those rocks floating on the outside made very safe, can be settled Cisco Certification Illusion, how can so shameless it In the mountains on a while, Xiao Xiao is more and more Biequ, always feel that the dragon grass is not taken, is sorry for their two low level magic weapon. And think for a moment, Xiao is now most worried about is still hidden in the mud is something else, such as Wicked and the like, if he jumped pebbles, mud suddenly protruding a claw, grab their feet Go to the marsh in the drag, then they can really call every day not to call the ground should not be Zuo Si CCIE Data Center think, Xiao Xiao decided to take a risk, be careful to alert, it is not on the early withdrawal to think of other ways. Speaking of other CCIE Data Center it exam ways, Xiao Xiao s brain immediately began to wonderful work up, not to the beach, she had come up with hundreds of other ways, until the beach after the stone, really started one by one Tested. The bundle tied rope tied into a circle, thrown out of the long set in the middle of the rock tower of the dragon grass, tied cents rope can be long can be round, the results into the beach after the beach just like a mud The failure Change the most violent way to throw t

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
350-080 CCIE Data Center Written Exam Cisco CCIE Data Center
351-080 CCIE Data Center Written Exam Cisco CCIE Data Center