people still sand slightly face is sinking, because the meaning of his words is obvious, that is you put this in my heart just fine, and.this guy even no ability, Due to sand slightly face, you can not say ah Wang Cong, even Android you also Well You two Will regret what you said Sand slightly angry heart, but now is the key moment of the game, even if the anger, can not directly fall. Wang Cong helplessly shrugged, looked at the sand slightly, they no longer speak. If you feel that you can win the game and win the championship, you can not let me play, but if you do it, you can not let me play, What is the qualification to question me Anyway, are lost, why should I care if I really have a real skill You What do you say Tong Songqing bitter red with a face. Long decided to pick the pick, and some contemptuous asked Do you still use me again Well, let me walk Tong Songqing Lengheng soon, then turned his head no longer talk, continue to close his eyes filled w.ith eyes closed up the gods up, but Android it exam from his lively face and gas slightly trembling body look, are That he is not calm inside. Fat man, this goods loaded with a hand Android Certification ah Obviously have been afraid of shaking, but also installed master, lying groove, really big bird what the woods have Oh, yes, slightly learn sister, this goods called Han name Oh, Tong Songqing right, on the equipment forced, my fat only serve Tong Songqing Ha ha ha Dragon looked at the eyes of th

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OA0-002 Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic Android Android Certification
AND-401 Android Application Development Android Android Certified Trainer