moment, and suddenly heard the voice of a jealous Mr. John, can you close your eyes and have a little gift for you. Heard, Android Certification George overjoyed, today is to take the peach blossom Quickly close your eyes, waiting for the upcoming surprise. Wait for a while no movement, I heard next to said You opened your eyes. And then open the eyes of the time, George saw the main frame position Jessica card holding a black vial, like a small flashlight, the above line anti riot self defense ejector. I rub. George did not react, the opposite was pressed the ejector. The smell of irritating taste exu.des toward George, thanks to George s eyes closed, but the gas touches the skin, it felt a bitter burning. Then the temperature went down into his throat with George s breath, as if he were being hit by a nose, and George felt that his nose was not herself. Throat also feel dry and tear, could not help but start cough up. More serious things, this gas Android Certified Trainer it exam seems to penetrate the eyelids, even the eyes are kind of burning feeling, tears down the cheeks continue to flow down. I saw George s face as the same as the opening of the dye, tears nose flush flow, can not control their own. Jessica went off the Android Certified Trainer bus and came to the co pi

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AND-401 Android Application Development Android Android Certified Trainer